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By jgibbs4053
#106832 Updated tour dates:

10-28 Baltimore, MD: Rams Head Live (Day of Darkness Festival)
10-30 Raleigh, NC: Lincoln Theatre
11-02 Austin, TX: Come and Take it Live
11-03 Houston, TX: White Oak Music Hall
11-04 Dallas, TX: Gas Monkey
11-06 Tempe, AZ: Marquee Theatre
11-07 San Diego, CA: The Irenic
11-08 Los Angeles, CA: Union
11-09 Oakland, CA: Oakland Metro Operahouse
11-11 Portland, OR: Hawthorne Theatre
11-12 Seattle, WA: El Corazon
11-14 Salt Lake City, UT: Metro Music Hall
11-15 Denver, CO: Gothic Theatre
11-18 Chicago, IL: Reggies Rock Club
11-19 Grand Rapids, MI: Wealthy Theatre
11-20 Toronto, Ontario: The Opera House
11-21 Ottawa, Ontario: Mavericks
11-22 Montreal, Quebec: Théâtre Fairmount
11-24 Brooklyn, NY: Murmrr Theatre
11-25 Brookline, MA: Coolidge Corner Theatre
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By deafmetal
#106921 I bought a ticket for the full Portland show. Interesting to see they were also selling tickets for just the second set. The club posted that they are going to have chairs on the floor for the live film re-score, and then will be taking an intermission and clearing all the chairs to open up the floor for the second set. I think that is a great idea for a fun night out with Simonetti and crew. If I have the opportunity, I am going to try to catch him before or after the gig to sign @RedGoblin's book.
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By deafmetal
#111615 Image
Suspiria live set was quite understated, but very interesting to see performed live. I had expected them to mix it very loud, but it was well-balanced and worked well.

The second set was short and sweet. Kicked ass to hear both Demoni and Phenomena, along with the big Goblin classics. They also played Non ho sonno, which was excellent to hear. Good times.
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By havershaw
#111633 I went to the Tempe show and got the tour-only record.

They also had some CDs and a single “Suspiria Tour” shirt with the classic Suspiria one-sheet graphic on the front and dates on the back.

I thought the show was great, but I *really* miss the OG rhythm section (who I saw in the “other” Goblin when they came through a few years ago).

Simonetti on keys was amazing, and the band was good, but the “other” Goblin’s band is more magical, for me (although, predictably, their keys are lacking).

We were told they usually come out after the show to sign stuff, but we waited about an hour and then security finally kicked everyone out. As far as I know, they never came out. Not sure why.

I wish they could just get along and would tour all together.
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By deafmetal
#111692 Some additional notes:

There was no intermission at the show I attended, and the band went straight into the second set without any break. The venue had claimed there were going to clear the floor before the set, but either the band shot that down or the venue changed their minds. Not a big deal, but it left no time to even grab a drink (or a dance floor to get funky on, haha). The second set was around 45 minutes long.

About ten minutes after the last number, Simonetti, Previtali, and Tani headed to a table in the adjoining bar to sign albums. I guess I got lucky there.

I have experienced three different Goblin line-ups now, and it's difficult to pick a favorite group. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Of course, I wish I could just experience the original line-up in their prime...
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By havershaw
#111700 No intermission at my show, either.

Hard to say if it was the 4K resto or not. It looked pretty good to me, but I don’t think they’re using the best projection system ever.

I definitely like the original rhythm section better than this one - but this one was still good.
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By Mateo Sanboval
#111702 I've seen two other Goblin iterations so I talked myself into skipping this tour, but reading all these posts - in which the excitement and appreciation is palpable - has me really second guessing myself.