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By EvanCampbell
#105553 Some while in progress shots of little water clay mummy/corpsie sculpture.
Once the clay gets a little firmer I can tighten up everything.
Looking at these pics I need to thin it out a bit more in certain areas.

lMummy 1.jpg

I like the look I am started to get at the top of the head an old wrinkled bag. :)

lMummy 2.jpg
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By Hatter313
#105554 Man I’ve been thinking of starting to sculpt again, been over ten years but I was pretty good back in the day. This looks great man!
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By Hatter313
EvanCampbell wrote:Hatter maybe it is just hibernating for awhile. If you enjoyed it at one time it may return again. I know for me on a personal level it comes in ways.

Yeah man, in high school I was seriously considering going into your line, went a different way ultimately. I’ve always been an artist, and I’m a writer professionally so at least I get to stretch the creative muscles daily, but over everything; painting, sketching, writing etc. sculpting was the only time the vision in my head came flawlessly out into the work.
By EvanCampbell
zom 2.jpg

zom 3.jpg

Spent some more time on this....finalizing the detail.
Stuck some human size teeth in it that are kind of goofy on a half scale head.
I will make appropriate sized choppers when I pour it up in silicone.
Maybe be able to finish this weekend and dump plaster on it. is strange the path we take. Sometimes it just takes living life to help steer you to a destination.
You are lucky to enjoy what you do and have it be creative.
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By Hatter313
#106105 That looks great!

Went looking for supplies last weekend actually, apparently all the art supply stores in my neck of the woods are gone, and the idea of dragging the supplies on the train from NYC sounds like something to avoid, so amazon here I come.