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By deafmetal
inksb wrote:Clandestine Records has a few cassette mixtapes up for sale, doesn't seem like too many copies of each. I grabbed the Zombie tape. For $13 I took a chance since you can't sample any of the music.

I'm probably the most guilty forum member in this regard, but just a heads up that page is not safe for work!
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By Mateo Sanboval
#106704 I got a notification about these from the bandcamp app on my phone and when I clicked the link I was bowled over. Took me a minute to figure out what I'd bought or why I'd followed them. Holy smokes.
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By inksb
#107234 I don't think there are any left but I'll post this any ways, it seemed to sell crazy fast.

Deadly Avenger & Luke Insect - When Haro Met Sally

I grabbed one of two tapes left when I got to work this morning, sold really fast. Vinyl is still available and for those who are US based 2HD will have limited copies available for sale at 10AM PST. I stopped grabbing Burning Witches & Spuns tapes from him because it takes 2-4 weeks longer than just ordering directly from their bandcamp pages. But seeing as he's one of the only options for US folks right now you may want to grab a copy when it goes up today. I love the packaging on this for both the Vinyl and Tape.

edit: sold out on bandcamp but there are a few tapes available at

Del Mar Skate Park, California, Summer '84. Blinding sun hits chrome sending rainbow prisms across hot asphalt. There's a buzz in the air. Teenage dreams and dope smoke mix with the Pacific breeze. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. This summer's never gonna end. Tricks are being pulled and moves are being made that these crowds have never seen. Even the wood-pushers are blown away. Seeds sewn a decade ago by Todd and Devin Banks on Overland Drive have come to fruition. Dominguez is up next, he's 15, and hitting 6 feet of air. Then it's Gonzalez. And Vanderspek. This is going down in history.

Except this isn't the West Coast of America. And the sun's not shining. These are the grey suburbs of Leicester and London. And our Bmx's are shit.

WHEN HARO MET SALLY is the soundtrack to Deadly and Insect's imagined youth, over one seemingly endless summer, when teenage heartbreak ruled supreme, everything American seemed cool, and all we did from dawn 'til dusk was dream about girls and ride our bikes.

Spanning early 80's VHS soundtracks, teenage electro, heartbreak synths and Italo Disco, WHEN HARO MET SALLY will transport you back to that endless sun-baked teenage summer... that none of us ever had.

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By maxlevel
#107688 Bleep has the new aphex twin EP on tape... little pricey when he’s selling the EP for 99p on his own website.
By Steve Powder
#107874 There is this vaporwave greatness for sale now for cheap. Nmesh & Telepath 2014... reissued.

I wish i had a tape machine now... :(
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