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By inksb
#105016 I used to be a graphic designer but left the field over 10 years ago. Occasionally I get the itch to do some fun layouts. Not often but it does happen.
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By Bezulsqy
inksb wrote:Just a heads up Pentagram Home Video has put up a few of the Walpurgisnacht double cassette release for sale again. There are three left. I caved and bought one. ... isnacht-ii

Thanks for this! Got one of those three!
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By inksb
#105162 Burning Witches is bringing us Phantom Vs Fire - Swim this Friday on cassette. It's a pretty great little album, it's been available from Phantom Vs Fire bandcamp digitally for a few months now. Highly recommended. ... hesrecords ... ed-version

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By Spun out of control
#105837 Forgot this thread existed... if I may humbly submit the one copy of our latest tape we have left via Bandcamp...? :)

(Try Norman Records or Rough Trade if this is already gone)

@ScoJo also has a fancy falluting cassette combo out this weekend an' all...
Midnight Demon Purple Prey cassette Turquoise Moon copy.jpg
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By inksb
maxlevel wrote:I missed the damn I am Japan tape.

I think they only made 70 copies so it was insanely limited. I grabbed one directly from burning witches bandcamp but there is still vinyl available. It's a great album.

I can't wait to get my copies of Swim and Midnight Demon, they should be here some time in the next month or two.