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By tim28212
static14 wrote:@tim i can’t remember if you have a Dagored pressing of Tenebre as well. If you do how do they compare

@static14, I have the AMS 2012 re-issue and my copy was a bad pressing, sounded like groove damage scattered throughout both sides. Both tables, different cartridges, same spots. As mush as I loved it I didn't play it much because of it. So for me this waxwork release wins. :)
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By static14
#105259 Thanks @tim. I broke down and ordered the ww reissue. The Dagored pressing i have sounds terrific but the extra tracks finally made me pull the trigger. :)
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By ScoJo
#105293 Student Bodies!

File 15-05-2018, 11 39 12.jpeg

When is a parody not a parody? When it's this good! Fantastic mix of Hallowe'en, Slumber Party Massacre and Xtro with this early 80s synth score, by Gene Hobson working with Alan Howarth at top of his game (was around the time of Escape From New York and Halloween II, both of which AH was heavily involved of course...). Not a whiff of 'comedy' about this stripped down, relentless synth-horror soundtrack.

The package from Forever Midnight (who previously released the similarly excellent and well stuffed COVEN vinyl OST...) is abundant, with insert/liners, mini poster, and best of all a SEX KILLS sticker!

And that sleeve! Gotta love original poster art. I highly recommend checking out the film if you haven't seen it, waaaay ahead of the game slasher parody written and directed by Woody Allen collaborator Mickey Rose!

High end thrills all round.
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By deafmetal
#105304 @Bez - Great collection of Easy Tempo releases. I really like both of those Umiliani albums.

@ScoJo - I almost pulled the trigger on Student Bodies a couple weeks ago, and your added info just sealed the deal. I have always been enamored with that original poster art as well.
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By ScoJo
#105307 @Bez @Deaf @Chris - you won't regret this one, I love it already. On second spin, I'm even getting a heady dose of Harrison's Creepshow score in Hobson's memorable tune-smithery! :)
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By texasvinyl
#105327 Image

A damn fine Alberto Baldan Bembo soundtrack, I think getting a reissue soon? Along with L'Amica Di Mia Madre I believe which is one of his I'm still missing. Plus sexy pictures inside the gatefold, always a welcome touch..
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By bpwlogan
#105359 I'll throw mine down too from this worthwhile score from a forgotten about horror spoof that every slasher film fanatic should view at least once in their lifetime. The pressing is very solid and I believe it's a run of 500. A very nice drop from Forever Midnight that did release the score from the Midwestern independent film COVEN that was featured in the outrageous documentary American Movie...still need to dig that score up at some point.