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By skeletonbutt
deafmetal wrote:
inksb wrote:I would have loved a second LP of the Sega OST. MKII was a big staple from my arcade days so having that music for me is priority. I loved being the punk ass little kid that beat on the teenagers. I was especially good at SF2.

I played a lot of SF2 like most other arcade rats, but the first Mortal Kombat cab triggered such gorehound lust in my teenage brain that I became instantly obsessed and mastered every fatality. When MKII was released, I only heard rumors from afar of wondrous tales of cyborg gore and babality/friendship madness.

This was basically my exact experience as well. I can remember when MKII was first released and there was a crowd watching one guy play and successfully perform fatalities, someone said he got the moves off a bulletin board. I didn't realize at the time that he was referring to a computer bulletin board, instead thinking he literally found them pinned on a cork bulletin board.
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By inksb
#111988 Lots of stuff today.

Ship to Shore has issued these represses:
Mother - $40
Mother 2 - $40 (both Mother releases are pretty sought after)
Celeste - $36

They have the following new releases:
Gradius 2 - $23
Gradius 3 - $36
Cosmic Star Heroine Vol 1 - $23

Back catalog titles are 15% off with STSBLKFRIDAY2018

Fangamer released a 4LP boxset of Stardew Valley the other day for $59 which is a great price for a 4LP boxset.

Iam8bit is having a bundle deal going on with various releases. Not a great sale but it saves you a little if you are interested in the titles they bundled.

Spacelab9 has a pre-order up for a reissue of their Skyrim 4LP boxset for $80 with two really ugly color ways. These go live at 1PM EST
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By inksb
#112043 New tape boot label on the rise. Resume Game Records. They just did a limited run of Super Mario Bros 3 on cassette, two editions limited to 25 per tape. He's charging $20 a tape and $6.50 for shipping. Hard pass for me. Some of these guys just look fucking greedy. I can get a run of 50 tapes, printed j-card, labels printed on tape (not paper) and shrink wrapped for $200. At cost that's $4 a tape, this guy is charging 5 times that. It should be $10-$12 and he's still making money. I'd be willing to bet it's just a straight up rip of the audio from the cartridge with nothing done to it. I messaged him on instagram to try and get some additional info as the listing is so damn vague.
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By Revolver_OcelScott
deafmetal wrote:
deafmetal wrote:Mortal Kombat is almost sold out. Don't sleep unless you want a picture disc.

Sold out now, but the picture disc is up at ThinkGeek.

Think geek had a 50% off sale plus free shipping over 35 bucks yesterday. So I grabbed the picture disc (hate them), Ready Player One and Namco Museum for 51 shipped!
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By inksb
#112407 Nice @mateo! I'm really happy with my copy, it sounds quite good.

For those that are into this type of thing Switched on SNES has released his Secret of Mana album on cassette and vinyl. He does synth versions of songs from classic SNES games. He started with Link to the Past which was pretty good, did an album inspired by this type of music called Lost Levels and now he's done Secret of Mana, pulling songs he felt fit best redone with synths. It's a nice little release. I grabbed the tape. ... et-of-mana
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By inksb
#112481 My copy of Donky Kong Country 2 has shipped and he refunded every one for part of the shipping, $7 refunded yesterday and my LP shipped today.
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By Jimmy_Mike
#112503 Policenauts, Super Hang-On, Streets of Rage 2 getting repress. Going on sale December 9.

I'm going hard for that Policenauts.
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By inksb
#112505 You should @jimmy_mike it's one of my favorite LP's released this year. I already have Super Hang-On but I will be grabbing Streets of Rage 2

Limited Run Games released Shantae GBC on vinyl this morning, it sold out in less than 5 minutes. It now says coming soon on their website and Fangamer will have their own variant up for sale in the near future. I'll grab it from Fangamer once they put it up. Game Boy Color game on vinyl sounds like fun. I really like the Shantae series so I'll be happy to add it to the collection.

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By J.R.
#112614 Not sure if anyone has posted this yet, but in Australia, the shop JB Hifi has a free record with their free magazine 'Stack'. It is a yellow vinyl, single sided single of John Denver's 'Country Roads', but branded with the game Fallout '76. Its not a flexi disc or anything: its a proper record.