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By ScoJo
#79180 Hello all,

It's with a sad heart that I report that Mr Langhorne is in his last days just now. If you consider yourself a fan of his classic score The Hired Hand, or are familiar with his major contribution to music working with Bob Dylan and countless other artists within the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 60s, please consider visiting his site and purchasing a little something - a CD of his original music, The Hired Hand CD or a song download (I recommend 'Old Dog', it's lovely!). His good friend Cynthia made a touching statement recently, where she says that by doing so fans might contribute to his expensive hospice care so that he is comfortable and cared for at this time.



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By Mateo Sanboval
#79192 Sorted with pleasure. Mr Langhorne is a true musical genius and by all accounts, a lovely, pleasant man. Here's to his life, legacy, and well-earned rest.
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By thedeepness
#79216 Very, very Sad. Just put on Hired Hand for about the 100th time. An absolute favorite of mine. I played my first pressing so much I bought the second pressing when it came out and bought a copy for a friend who is really into music but not scores to show him the magic of how a score can transport you. This music always makes me feel.... not sure what to write but it just has an overall quality of another time and place. I was just reading a Dylan article last week about different recording sessions and on quite a few during his peak he Bruce Langhorne record with him. Genius recognizing genius. Anyway, an amazing musician, may he move on in peace.
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By ScoJo
#94006 Farewell, Mr Bruce Langhorne.

I'm sure many of you know how I feel about this artist and his work in film soundtracks. A virtuoso (in Peter Fonda's words) and an amazing guitarist, who was also by all accounts a wonderful human being.

For today only, I will be sharing my lovingly compiled 2CD collection of his film scores (mainly ripped from home video releases...) as digital files. Hit me up and I will send you a link.

filmficciones (at) gmail (dot) com

RIP, Mr Tambourine Man.