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By palmat
#101705 Hi and seasonal greetings!

I wonder if there is anyone on this forum who might be interested in the Creepshow screenprint and Babadook pin that came with this years Waxwork Subscription. I loved the sub this year but I didn't care for the Creepshow 2 artwork (sorry...). Soooo... in the spirit of christmas I'm giving this away to the first one who is interested. Everything is still packed up and I have not taken out the screenprint, just opened the package to check that it arrived safely. The only thing is that the one who wants it will have to pay for shipping.

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By Bezulsqy
palmat wrote:Sorry to say that someone has beat you to it. If the whole thing falls through I´ll get back to you.

I hope the anonymous member will show a picture of this print when he/she receives it.
By the way, does anyone know if these are numbered? Curious to see how big the subscriber count was.