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By inksb
#112037 Friday evening was fantastic. Simonetti was in such a great mood, he was all smiles, talking to the audience and seemed like he was having a blast playing. Seeing Suspiria with a live score was an experience, I loved it. The real highlight was the 45 minute set after the movie though. They tore through tracks from Tenebrae, Demons (a highlight!), Phenomena, Deep Red and Zombi. The wife was blown away by the second half as well, she did not expect it at all. I feel bad for the folks in NYC on Saturday though, apparently the venue was only allowing them to do the rescore to the film and then they had to be done.

For those that are curious they are not projecting the new restoration by Synapse, it's an older version (probably taken from the Italian bluray from a few years ago), the colors are very washed out, the scene where Suzy is in bed after she feints and they move all her stuff into the dorm, is very white and washed out, you can see the green and red gel lights on the edges of the frame. This is the easiest scene to tell the difference between the old and new, Synapses pushed the colors back into the scene, they received some criticism over this but they worked with Tovoli very closely on the restoration so I believe their version is closest to the intended look originally. I did not pick up any thing from the merch table as I could not get close to it after the show. The entire venue (which wasn't that big) went into the area with the merch, I didn't want to stand around since I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me at 11 at night. Overall had a great time and well worth the trip.