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By texasvinyl
#105589 OK here is the thread for the new Alain Goraguer LP project. You can read about it here: ... -classee-x

I have reserved ten copies for those of us in the states in order to make the price more affordable for us.

So far I have on the list:


Plus me is nine so far. Any others want to add their name to the list? All said and done it should end up costing around $35 each instead of $55 if ordering individually. If there should be more than ten I can always bump the order up to 20 copies instead of 10, as long as I do that within the next 30 days.

The last Goraguer record Brigitte Lahaie: The Cult Record was extremely good, so this new one should be pretty cool, plus the raunchy gatefold images and x rated booklet ;)

Not sure of the delivery ETA. The last project did take a long time before the records were delivered, but it was worth the wait.