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By Bub
ScoJo wrote:Had fairly major dental surgery today. Still flying somewhat under the novocaine.

This sounds bloody mental.


1975, so definitely in the realm of Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza.

Seems appropriate
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By milliondollars
#101189 there's not many artists/bands out there that never disappoint. i buy Heliocentrics records without listening to them because i know they are ace. always...

been listening to From The Deep from last year. stunning record! ... se/8137189

By EvanCampbell
#101259 static got to get that Dead Heat...always been meaning to get it. I remember I had a interview years back at Steve Johnson's fx studio. During the interview I kept looking over at the head of that two faced biker guy from dead heat. It was in a glass display that thing.

This is a nice creepy one from Francesco De Masi

de masi.jpg
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By Bezulsqy
EvanCampbell wrote:

Hello. Farewell. Hello. Farewell.

Really beautiful pic!

And that Lama Nel Corpo is a rare one. Great movie as well.
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By static14
#101291 That thing where you buy an album off of discogs and the seller says it's NM and in reality it's maybe VG- :(

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By Hatter313
#101322 I love that score