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By Hatter313
deafmetal wrote:
monsterworship wrote:Try to have your gifts sent out to arrive by Dec 21st.

Fair warning, avoid 2HD for this... haha.

I was coming on here to say the same thing...from both our personal experience, lets just say last year @deaf almost got a secret valentines instead because of 2HD's delays.
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By Mateo Sanboval
Bezulsqy wrote:
Mateo Sanboval wrote:Image
Last night, my Kryptik Krampus snuck in while I was sleeping. Thank you anonymous samaritan!

Great choice! And nicely on time :-)

My guy is a punctual SOB.
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By Dollarhyde
#112725 Merry Christmas @bez Hope you also enjoy that Masaru satoh LP, one I had double of. I was getting a lot of Lynch/badalamenti noir jazz vibes from it and so felt it quite appropriate ;) and of course Masaru/Kurosawa have a kind of western connection.