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By maxlevel
#103367 Politics alert!

Whenever brexit comes up in discussion I get a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach. I go and find some French music, or something I love about europe and listen/watch/read it. The whole thing is so depressingly badly run, it’s like a load of monkeys have the nuclear power station levers and just keep telling us black is white. I’m not even that fussed about leaving the EU, as long as someone with a brain is in charge which it’s patently obvious isn’t the case.

Our leaders are so bad. You’ve got a massive idiot in the US telling us the teachers TEACHERS need automatic weapons NEED. And here we have people trying to renegotiate the Good Friday transition agreement with number plate recognition technology. I honestly feel proper political violence isn’t far away, it’s so stupid to listen to day after day.

Anyway I thought I’d put this in here. I have Jean Rollins B Music on and the trains don’t work because of a gentle cold wind.

What do we do? I’m at a loss.